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Our Expertise

Our team of experts can advise or negotiate on your behalf in the following areas:

Property Security

Unused properties can be targets for vandalism, squatter and degradation of infrastructure, which can add meaningful cost to redevelopment.

Lighthouse Guardians can alleviate that burden by placing Guardians within buildings, whose presence protects the properties.

Guardians are managed by a community host, who will make regular spot checks to the buildings.

We also elect a head Guardian, at a reduced license fee, who is responsible for the day to day running of the buildings and who reports to the community host.

Tax Mitigation

As we all know tax has many invidious forms, but being charged business rates on an empty property can seriously dilute the revenue return on a development project.

Lighthouse Guardians can mitigate tax liabilities by 100% and in certain cases provide an income during the wait for final planning permission, creating a considerable amount of additional revenue.

Property Guardians

We provide an extensive vetting process to ensure only the most reliable, vigilant and socially responsible Guardians will legally occupy the buildings . This includes carrying out personal interviews and extensive back ground checks. All our Guardians must be in full-time employment and typically comprise of young professionals and key workers, such as nurses, doctors and teachers. We do not accept undergraduates or anyone under 21.

In order to protect the property rights of the owner, each Guardian enters into a license agreement with us, which clearly states that no tenancy has been created and they have no exclusive possession of the building. They also agree to a four week notice to vacate.


Property Cover

Internal insurance cover relating to the introduction of Property Guardians will be addressed by Lighthouse Guardians.

A Public and Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £5 million pounds is also provided

Development Finance

Lighthouse Guardians can introduce property developers to non-banking finance alternatives.

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Ethical Accommodation

The lack of accessibility to affordable rental properties in the UK has reached crises levels: this is especially true in London. This blight not only affects low earners but is now a major factor for a good deal of the professional middle classes.

 Lighthouse Guardians can help alleviate this problem by bringing empty buildings into use. Our aim is to find an ethical solution to this 21st century problem.

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